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How to Use the Advanced Technology in Your New Honda


If you’ve recently purchased a new Honda near Lisle, congratulations! You’ve taken home a stylish and comfortable vehicle with a history of incredible reliability. You’ve also brought home one of the most technologically-advanced vehicles on the road, and getting up to speed with all that tech can be a challenge. At Honda of Lisle serving Glen Ellyn and Aurora, we want to make your new Honda experience as easy as possible. Consult our handy guides to help make the most of your vehicle's tech and entertainment features, but know that if our guides are unclear, customers are welcome to visit our Chicagoland Honda dealership to get assistance from our helpful sales staff. 


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


These two connectivity features are something you’ll want to use every day to get the most out of your new Honda Civic or Honda Pilot. Setting them up is simple, just connect your smartphone to the infotainment display via USB! Your phone should automatically begin the pairing process, but if not, visit your relevant App Store to download the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto apps to your phone. Once the automatic setup process completes, you’ll have an interface on your infotainment display that looks just like what is on your phone. Use your apps the same way you would on your mobile device without ever having to pick it up!


Pairing Bluetooth


If you prefer a wireless connection to your new Honda Odyssey, Bluetooth is the way to go. Open settings on both your phone and your Honda infotainment display, and find the Bluetooth option. Make sure both are set to “discoverable”, and then select “Pair a New Device” on your Honda infotainment display. It should begin searching for your smartphone. Once it finds the correct device, select it to begin the pairing process. From there, your phone will prompt you to complete the pairing process and you’ll be ready to go!


The Lane Keep Assist System


Lane keep assist is a driver assistance feature aimed at keeping you safe on the highway in your new Honda Accord near Downers Grove. It gently nudges your steering when you start to drift in order to keep you in your lane. However, it is not a self-driving or autonomous driving feature, and requires you to be in control of the vehicle at all times. And don’t worry about making a legitimate lane change, use your turn signal and the system will momentarily deactivate so you can swap lanes without interruption.